Tuesday, November 8

Not reading this time but WRITING!

The Flynn 500 challenge! Can our kids write 500 books in two weeks? That's what our lovely librarian Miss Lisa has challenged them to do. Today was the writers workshop and lots of busy book making and writing was going on.

Where are you reading?

Here's a keen reader from our school! Send us pictures of your children reading and we'll post them on the blog!

Over 10500 picture books or chapters?: Classroom goals explained

Each class in our school has set their own classroom goal. If they hit their target then they get a popsicle party. Our children are ambitious and love to read so their targets are high. The school is an elementary school, many of our children are just getting started as readers and there is a wide range of ages and abilities. All reading counts - parents reading to children, children reading to other children, children reading to themselves. Each unit is a picture book or a chapter in a chapter book and each unit gets a coloured link in chain. Watch this space for pictures of the chains hung in the school hallways.

And don't forget you can support the children by sponsoring them, buying raffle tickets, or donating here on the website via the JustGive button.