Wednesday, November 9

Characters are like cakes! Ivy and Bean author Annie Barrows comes to Flynn

A library full of children and parents listened with rapt attention this evening to Annie Barrows, author of the Ivy and Bean series and The Magic Half, as she read from her newest book in which the girls become obsessed with cheese or more particularly the wax around the cheese.

Miss Lisa gets everyone settled
Meeting an author!
Peeling the cheese - very important!

Hanging on every word

Parents ask questions too

Author signing


Teresa B said...

It was really great! The kids were really into it. Fun times!

sarah said...

Wow, you are fast! Great pics. How many of us are going to have to go out and purchase the $5 cheese with the fancy wax now? ;)

Eliane said...

Used to by that cheese all the time in the UK. Much cheaper there. Not very nice cheese though and the wax sticks to EVERYTHING!